Ukraine – the exporter of raw materials

Ukraine ranks second in the world in terms of exports of iron and fourth in exports of kaolin clay. We are third in the world in production of radars and tenth in terms of steel production.

The Ukrainian exports in 2015

Countries that sell fabrics are poorer than those that sew costumes!

The above statistics show only one thing – the main component of industrial exports of our country is the trade in raw materials. However, in the contemporary world only selling of raw materials, no matter how successful it is, does not give us the opportunity to build an efficient economy. The global economy is arranged as follows: developed countries buy raw materials in the countries that are developing and produce high-tech products with a high added value.


The very first task for contemporary Ukrainian industry is to begin creating a series of unique high-tech products, focused on foreign markets. For this, we need to involve appropriate specialists. It should be clearly understood what your territory can offer the world. Perhaps it is in your city or town can be produced this unique product? The will help answer these questions.

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