Environmental protection is one of the most sensitive issues for Ukraine. According to environmentalists, every year 20 million tons of household waste appears in the country, and the total area of unauthorized dumps exceeds the area of Chernivtsi region, or 809,700 hectares. Each year in Ukraine about 17 million tons of hazardous substances are released into the atmosphere.

Recycling of household waste worldwide


We propose to treat the environment responsibly. The problem can be solved by building garbage sorting points and recycling plants instead of refuse dumps, and in industrial enterprises by monitoring the observance of environmental standards. This will give additional income for the territories, jobs and the chance for a clean future.

Using our Opendata.ua, you can monitor the dynamics of the environment in your city, village or district. This is the information on which the quality of your life depends. Analyze the information provided by us and begin the struggle for a clean environment for yourself and your descendants.

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