Land is the greatest wealth of Ukraine. Fertile fields have been always the proud of our ancestors. Ukrainian black earth total area is 27.8 million hectares, which is 8.7% of world reserves. For the area of agricultural lands, our country ranks first in Europe.

Indicators of agricultural land per capita in some countries

We do not know who owns the land

In Ukraine, the land from the priceless gift of nature has become the biggest problem of our time. The problem is that citizens do not have means of control over the use of land. We can not easily get information about the potential of this or that area, its owner and whether the land is used properly. Because of this, we often have a situation where among age-old forests toxic waste repositories are made or when hundreds of hectares of black earth mindlessly are poisoned with chemicals.


All land resources should be registered. Every citizen should have access to a complete list of all the land plots and to information on their use. This approach will allow the public of any territory to keep under observation the efficiency of land use and monitor information about the revenues of local budgets from each specific area.


We offer the society to take part in the reform of the land registration in the country already today. Our is the simplest tool in the implementation of such control.

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