Ukrainian cultural tradition is an integral part of the European cultural space. Rich, saturated with amazing events and prominent personalities, the history of our country has left us a legacy of an immense cultural background that we need to learn to use.

The number of tourists in some European countries in 2015

Europe's largest desert and the longest cave in the world, seven objects of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 60 castles and fortresses – all these natural and human-made wonders are in the territory of our country. And under favorable conditions each of them can become a small or large tourist Mecca.


Investments in culture will bring quite real benefits. Each community in Ukraine has something to boast of in cultural and recreational terms. This means that every region in this country has inexhaustible sources to fill its budget thanks to domestic and foreign tourism.


We collect information on the potential of territories to encourage their residents to use wisely the cultural heritage. Together with you, we build the foundation for the future of Ukraine. You can stay away and watch how everything you could be proud of disappears. Or you can join and start to change the country by yourself!

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